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Trendsquares Whitefield

Luxurious Highrise Residences in Bangalore

Nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Bangalore, Trendsquares Whitefield stands as a testament to modern living amidst the dynamic pulse of innovation. This residential enclave, situated in the bustling Whitefield neighborhood, offers a unique blend of contemporary design, luxurious amenities, and the convenience of urban living.

One of the key highlights of Trendsquares Whitefield Bangalore is its strategic location in the heart of Whitefield, Bangalore's IT hub. With proximity to major tech parks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to work and essential services. The neighborhood is well-known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, vibrant social scene, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options.

Trendsquares Whitefield In Bangalore boasts a distinctive architectural design that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functional spaces. The residential towers are meticulously planned to maximize natural light and ventilation, creating an ambiance of openness and tranquility. The exteriors showcase a contemporary facade, adding to the visual appeal of the complex.

The apartments at Trendsquares Projects In Whitefield are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Each unit reflects a perfect amalgamation of style and functionality, with spacious living areas, well-appointed kitchens, and elegant bedrooms. The interiors are designed to cater to the discerning tastes of the residents, offering a haven of comfort after a busy day.

Trendsquares Whitefield Apartments goes beyond just providing living spaces; it offers a host of amenities to enhance the residents' lifestyle. The complex features a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and recreational spaces. Whether it's a relaxing evening by the pool or a rejuvenating workout session, It ensures that residents have access to a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

In keeping with the spirit of modern living, Trendsquares Whitefield Flats In Bangalore integrates smart home technologies to enhance convenience and energy efficiency. From automated lighting and temperature control to advanced security systems, residents can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology for a smarter and safer living experience. The complex also incorporates sustainable practices, making it an environmentally conscious choice for those who value green living.

Trendsquares Whitefield New Launch fosters a sense of community with thoughtfully designed social spaces. Residents can connect and unwind in well-designed community lounges, event spaces, and landscaped gathering areas. The complex encourages a vibrant social life, creating opportunities for neighbors to build lasting connections.

Trendsquares Whitefield Bangalore stands as a symbol of contemporary living in the heart of innovation. With its strategic location, architectural brilliance, luxurious living spaces, and a plethora of amenities, it offers a lifestyle that caters to the aspirations of modern urban dwellers. Whether one seeks a tranquil retreat or a dynamic social environment, Trendsquares Whitefield sets the stage for a life well-lived in the vibrant city of Bangalore.

Key Advantage
  • IGBC - Green Rating Project
  • Private Sundeck
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Easy Home Loans With Easy EMI's
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Project Overview

trendsquares Whitefield Bangalore residential project
2 BHK (Sq.Ft)
3 BHK (Sq.Ft)
Floor Plan
Master Plan


Senior Citizen Park
Kids Play Area
Swimming Pool
Yoga Center
jogging Track
Rain Water Harvesting
Mini Theater
ELEVATED LIVING AT trendsquares Whitefield Bangalore
  • Luxury Design Apartments
  • Ample Sunlight & Cross Ventilation
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Lifestyle Amenities
  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Sprawling kids' play area
  • World Class Clubhouse
  • Home Office
  • 100% Power backup
  • Vastu Compliant Homes
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Points
Location Advantage
  • Whitefield Metro Station
  • International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPB)
  • Bhoruka Technology Park
  • Global Technology Park
  • Bagmane World Technology Centre
  • Phoenix Marketcity
  • Orion UPTOWN Mall
  • Nexus Shantiniketan Mall
  • Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital


(1) Where and What constitutes Trendsquares Whitefield in Bangalore?


The most well-known IT hubs, schools, and colleges in the neighbourhood are only a short drive from trendsquares Whitefield, which is situated at the intersection of Budigere Cross and Old Madras Road. With its stunning vistas, architecture, expansive green areas, and opulent amenities, trendsquares Whitefield gives you the new standard of living you've always wanted.

(2) What's the distance between the project and the Whitefield Metro Station?

The Whitefield metro station is approximately 10 minutes’ drive from the project site.

(3) What is the land extent of the project?

The development is designed on a 13-acre land parcel.

(4) What unique advantages or key selling points does Trendsquares Whitefield offer?

The Trendsquares Whitefield Project distinguishes itself through various exceptional elements:

  • Thematic Architecture - The project boasts architecture centered around a specific theme, creating a distinctive and visually captivating setting.
  • Water Conservation Measures - Emphasizing water conservation supports a sustainable and eco-conscious living environment.
  • Undivided Land Share: Residents are offered an undivided portion of the land, fostering a sense of individual and communal ownership.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Facilities: Infrastructure for EV charging in the parking area promotes eco-friendly transportation options.
  • Sports & Healthcare Centers: Partnerships with sports academies & healthcare centers provide convenient access to fitness and medical services.
  • Swimming Facility: The inclusion of a swimming pool adds recreational and leisure opportunities to the residential experience.
  • Low Population Density Design: The project's layout maintains a low population density, ensuring a spacious and tranquil living ambiance.
  • Optimized Unit Layouts: Well-planned unit designs maximize space functionality, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Residential Setting: Nestled within a residential area, the project benefits from its surroundings, offering a serene atmosphere.
  • Multi-Level Clubhouse: A multi-tiered clubhouse serves as a focal point for community activities and amenities.
  • Wooden Flooring Touch: The presence of wooden flooring adds sophistication and warmth to the living spaces.
  • These distinctive characteristics collectively enhance the allure and value of the trendsquares Whitefield Project.
  • (5) Who comprises the team of Architects/Master Planners for Trendsquares Whitefield?

    Across all trendsquares projects, a synergy exists among diverse professionals such as architects, consultants, and technical teams. While architects usually spearhead the design, consultants lend their expertise to tackle project facets. This collaborative approach guarantees a comprehensive final design that fulfils both aesthetic and technical criteria.

    (6) What variations in configurations are available?

    Premium 2 / 3 / 4 bed apartments committed to fulfilling your every desire.

    (7) Does the property feature a clubhouse, and what amenities does it offer?

    An expansive clubhouse includes amenities such as a health club, gym, swimming and kids' pool, banquet hall, mini theatre, badminton, squash, tennis courts, multi-purpose and cricket pitches, amphitheatre, indoor games, pool and table tennis. Furthermore, there's a designated kids' play area and provisions for a convenience store, ensuring a diverse range of recreational facilities.

    (8) Does the property have a Sewage Treatment Plant?

    The property includes a sewage treatment plant.

    (9) Is this development being carried out in phases, and what are the estimated completion timelines for each phase?

    Certainly, the project will be developed in phases, with each phase being completed in accordance with RERA approvals.

    (10) Do apartment prices vary based on the floor level or orientation?

    The pricing will be determined by your selection of floor level and the orientation of the apartment door.

    (11) What is the initial pricing for Trendsquares Whitefield?

    During this pre-launch stage, customers who register their interest will receive the most favourable pricing.

    (12) How can I proceed with booking an apartment at trendsquares Whitefield?

    As the project is currently in its pre-launch stage, you'll need to enrol for EOI (Expression of Interest). Our sales team will provide guidance on the EOI process.

    (13) What exactly is conveyed by an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

    An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a formal indication or declaration demonstrating an individual's or entity's interest in participating, engaging, or being involved in a particular opportunity, initiative, or project. It signifies a preliminary step before a formal commitment or agreement is made.

    (14) What advantage does expressing interest (EOI) offer?

    An Expression of Interest (EOI) demonstrates a buyer's authentic commitment to proceed with a transaction, serving as a method for them to communicate their strong interest in engaging with a seller, developer, builder, or property owner regarding an upcoming project or investment opportunity.

    (15) How does the Expression of Interest (EOI) process typically unfold?

    Potential buyers interested in the opportunity usually send their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the builder, typically containing crucial information like the buyer's name, contact details, and relevant project-related specifics.

    (16) What amount is required to be paid for the Expression of Interest (EOI)?

    The payment for an Expression of Interest (EOI) will be based on the particular configuration, yet typically falls within the range of 2 to 5 Lakhs.

    (17) Is the payment made for the Expression of Interest (EOI) be refunded?

    Indeed YES, it is refundable, as an Expression of Interest (EOI) is generally non-binding, builders frequently refund the EOI amount.

    (18) What is the typical timeframe within which the builder refunds the Expression of Interest (EOI) amount?

    Typically, the refund of the Expression of Interest (EOI) amount takes approximately 30 to 90 days

    (19) Has Trendsquares Whitefield obtained RERA approval?

    Before the launch, all statutory approvals, including RERA, will be obtained for this upcoming project.

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